The pill, just like the cigarette !

Do you control your body by popping the pill or does this drug control you? Sweetening the pill explores the disappointment of hormonal contraception. It discloses another reality, made of terrible side-effects that affects the well being and self confidence of millions of women. Interview with the author, the feminist Holly Grigg-Spall.

By Pryska Ducoeurjoly, France (see in french)

Your book tackles a « sacred cow »… How did you get involved in this issue?

book_coverAt the end of 2008 I began to experience overwhelming anxiety, depression, debilitating brain fog, and intense panic attacks which affected my work and relationship. After questioning every aspect of my life, and my sanity, I eventually discovered it was not me, but the birth control pill I was taking…

I could not understand how I had never read anything in the media about the Pill’s hormonal side effects. Searching on the internet, I soon discovered many other young women dealing with similar side effects of it.


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